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Content Management System 

At the heart of most websites today is the CMS that drives them. A CMS enables you to edit the text and images on pages as you wish, without having to revert to the web developers each time. This is essential to keep the maintenance costs down and to ensure that your content is current and fresh.
Our goal in developing the CMS was to make it as easy to use as possible. Many of the systems on the market are confusing and over-complicated, but at Saturn Innovation we have developed a system which anyone who can type can use.
The system works like this - once you are logged in as an administrator you will see a 'pencil' icon at the top right of the pages you can edit. Clicking on this icon brings the page up in an editor that you can type in. You can choose the type face, use bold lettering, create bullet-point lists, insert images and YouTube clips and a host of other functions. Just click the blue 'save' button on the toolbar when you are finished to save your changes.
Why not try it? Click the pencil at the top right of this page and see for yourself. The editor has limited functionality for security reasons and any changes you make will revert after 30 seconds, but give it a go and see how easy it is to use.